Posted by: Double-Dee | March 31, 2008

Erinne Willock’s Nude Photos-

Carbon that is…….  Back in Cali to build up the new Nude Carbon Ordu Team TT bikes.  Here is a sneak peak at what Erinne will be riding.




Ordu Carbon Frame.  Dura Ace Gruppo.  Easton Wheels (Disc Rear).  Swiss Stop Pads.  Enduro Ceramic Bearings. Ti Speedplay Pedals.  Fizik Chrono Saddle.  Easton EC90tt Carbon Bar.   Note the stem in the photo was used for fit purposes only and is not going to be used in competition.  We will probably mount an SRM to it in the not to distant future (Redlands)  Christine’s and Katheryn’s bikes are ready to fly as well.  They look like stealth bombers.  They have relatively sharp edges and the seat pin collar actually looks like a stealth fighter cockpit.  These bikes are drop dead gorgeous (sp? looks funny, no?) 

My interweb capabalities have been kinda hit or miss lately so i apologize for the lack of udates.  I have been back in Cali for a few days now after a hellish flight out-  One Cancellation, One Airline change, 3 delays and baggage issues.  A very long trip.  The weather has been good-  I brought my trusty Masshole steel bike out with me-  I have only managed to go on one ride so far but it was nice-  I ran into Beverly Harper and had a nice ride with her (she’s the english lass on the team) 

We got the Subie back from it’s new wrap and it is cool!  It will make it’s race debut at Redlands this week.  I gave her a quick wash today and this is what she looks like all shiny and new.She looks good even with the grass graphic roof-  yes it is grass,  look closer.


I am looking forward to Redlands.  It will be good to get the gang back together.  Webcor will be rollin’ in with 8 riders, 2 llamas and a 4 piece mariachi band from San Dimas!  good times for sure.  I don’t know where we are going to fit all that, but we will figure it out.

Here are some new things I have learned on this trip to the other coast.

  • Patience is surely a virtue
  • Ipods are a key travel item
  • California is hilly-  the Berkshires are not
  • Ferrari owners are Douche Bags and early 80’s pick up trucks are more reliable than new Ferrari Spider’s
  • True Home Theater kicks ass!!!  The big screen in your house…brilliant!!! (more to come on this)
  • Host Housing is awesome
  • Nothing Burninates like peasants and thatched roofed cottages
  • Loneliness is relative and never permanent
  • Spring smells like laundry soap, and dishwashing, liquid and… airfresheners
  • Mistakes are opportunities to practice and hone your skills
  • Proven and reliable are words I like better than lightest and newest in an Olympic year
  • Women deserve more and better events to race their bicycles at in the US
  • Pork is the best Burrito filler…even 3 days in a row
  • In N’ Out burger-  Why not the East Coast?  what did we do?????
  • I have to drive a car full of stuff 3,000 miles next week (it just set in)
  • I am tired.
  • And the Dragon comes in the NIIIIIIGGGGGHHHTTTTT!!!!
  • I am going to bed.  D, out.


  1. Wow 3000miles driving maybe you can work on your singing skills plenty of time to practice

  2. oooohhhhh, sexy!
    don’t get too used to the loneliness.
    Dragons – you’re too funny.
    Love, C

  3. p.s. did your parents send you out with llamas?!? he he he.

  4. Nice bike. Just curious what the frame size is? It looks like the A in Orbea is about to run past the headtube.

  5. Dave
    You and the Webcor girls are kicking ass on a global scale.
    More updates?
    Or are you too busy counting the money?

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