Posted by: Double-Dee | March 7, 2008

Photo Shoot day

So today I met up with the girls B+E at a park in Palo Alto where Pat B. was waiting with Coffee and a photgrapher.  We switched the wheels out on the girls bikes and got down to business-  this guy was into it too.  He laid in the middle of the road and had the girls come at him, in a bunch, at speed and then kinda swerve to miss him-  in a V shape pattern-  a few of the pics I saw on his digital display afterward were cool!!  He shot a bunch of action shots from the car and from the side of the road having the girls ride the same section over and over-  then we’d pack up and move to another location just up the road.  Then it was on to the posed group shots.  After a few hours it was time to split-  Ruby’s bike was making a funky noise so I drove her back to Katheryn’s and went back to the Service Course to see what was up….  Nothing much-  the left bearing cup was a touch loose as well as two chainring bolts-  Tonight, more photo shoots- this time in a studio for headshots and some kitted group shots.  The whole team- riders, staff and management.  We had some very good pizza from a local shop and were presented with a kickass gift-  We each got grey IPod Nano’s with the Webcor logo engraved on the back-  a gift from Webcor CEO Andy Ball.  How sweet is that?  thanks Andy!  Saturday were packin’ up the kids and heading to San Luis Obispo for a training camp.  We are meeting with some of our sponsors including Kaneon and Voler-  it should be fun.  A little bike riding, a little team building and I will be doing some tt fits.  the other cool news is that one of the team cars that was just wrapped in vinyl is ready.  Pat B. is the only one I know of that has seen the design.  I am very curious to see it-  soon enough I guess.    Until then…. bow chica bow wow-  sorry, Alex does that constantly.  Lata, D.



  1. Umm, not sharing the team photos you took??

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