Posted by: Double-Dee | March 5, 2008

Tour NZ in the books

So… After an amazing time in Geelong we packed our stuff and headed to Wellington New Zealand for the Tour of NZ.  The tour was a 5 day- 6 stage tour that had two crits, a t.t. a circuit race and a point to point with a hill top finish.  Many of the teams that were in OZ for Geelong came to NZ as well as a few NZ and OZ composite teams, the Japanese and South African National teams.  The racing was great and you can read about it on For us it was a tour of great triumph and tragedy.  Gina Grain was involved in a horiffic crash within the final KM of stage 4 that saw many riders hit the pavement as the leadout trains were ramping up.  Gina got taken down HARD and was unable to start the next day.  Katheryn also went down and was unharmed in this crash BUT during the t.t. in stage 5 she was taken out by one of the many strong wind gusts (the course was along the water and it was wicked windy) it literally blew her off her bike sending her to the pavement and breaking her right collarbone.  Christine broke a chain on the hillest stage and had to kill it to try and catch back on to the group-  after an amazing effort she felt just short and finished off the group.  So there’s the bad….  Now the good news-  Erinne took 4th in the hilly stage to Admiral hill and after an awesome t.t. secured a 3rd place podium spot for the overall tour-  Webcor also took second in the Team GC competition.  Alex, Christine and Amy all had great moments in the tour as well.  here are some pics..  if you are wondering why no updates from NZ live-  1.  expensive  2. No time


View from Admiral hill finish


Gina’s Frame -post crash


Amy D.’s Gunshow


Building a new bike for Gina in my hotel room


my view from the car during Erinne’s t.t.


Karen talking to Teutnbergs biggest fan


Crit- downtown Wellington


Erinne on the GC podium


another view during the tt




Alex teasing “pickles” the hotel Cockatoo


my new Aussie pal Leoni Burford


The road to Masterton


the “Haka” Maori warrior Dance at the presentation


Waiting, waiting, waiting


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