Posted by: Double-Dee | February 24, 2008

W is for WIN- WORLD CUP WIN!!!!!!!

Webcor Rider Katheryn Mattis pulls out an amazing ride.  Breaking away with Emma Rickards with 75k remaining.  Katheryn dug deep into her Gucci Handbag of courage and pulled out the win-  at one point there lead was 6:50 and at the end around 2 minutes.  At the 1km marker they were track standing and playing a good game of cat and mouse- with Katheryn taking the sprint.  Unreal!!!!!!  I got a front row seat to the whole show after there lead reached 1:32.  Front row 



for anamazing display-  Katheryn is the second American to ever win a World Cup!!!!  After today- Webcor’s Katheryn Mattis is the World Cup Leader!!!




  1. Totally cool!!! Go Webcor girls! We love following along on the ride with you Dave. Keep those emails coming, it’s an amazing adventure, thanks for bringing us along!!!

  2. Way to go Katheryn !!!
    I rode neutral motor behind Dede Demet (now Barry) the last World Cup win by an American. No one expected that either.
    But back to this victory. Bet the field underestimated the fitness of a racer from the Northern hemisphere! No way the antipodean ladies thought they would stay away.
    Really nice job!
    Bet the split wasn’t half bad either.
    Good to see you @ Amgen Tour.

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