Posted by: Double-Dee | February 23, 2008

“rest day” in Geelong


Today is Saturday and the girls have the day off.  After having two riders in the top 10 on G.C. and the team taking 3rd in the team overall it was nice to take a leisure day- for the girls-  For me it was business as usual.  The girls took a preview ride of the cup course today and while they were doing that I headed into town.  I only had a little time to kill so I didn’t get to see much of anything except downtown Geelong-  a nice enough town with friendly folks.  I stopped by an info booth and had the chance to chat with two older ladies about where I might see me some Kangaroos-  they were nice enough to draw me a map to a Golf Course where they graze.  After the race tomorrow I am going to head over and check it out. I have already eaten some Kangaroo but I’d like to see one in person- not in a package all ground up.. know what I am sayin’?

When the girls got back to base camp-  I cleaned the bikes (spotless) and gave them a very thorough check up. two beers and 4 hours later it was on to the wheels.  Took quick inspection and inventory and then headed over for dinner.  The girls were nice enough to make  a great dinner – Salmon, Steak, Rice, Salad and good conversation.   I did learn a thing or two about handbags and what size clothes all the girls wear-  remember, I am the only guy on this team- what else am I gonna do?  After some quality girl time it was back to bikes and preparing some custom cassettes for a couple of the stronger sprinters-  Shimano doesn’t make a 11-25, but I do ( and no you can’t just switch the 11 for th 12-  it won’t work)

I am looking forward to the race tomorrow an official UCI World Cup- my first- it should prove to be exciting.  The weather is going to play a factor it gets very windy here (think 40mph gusts every 20 seconds ) and there is the potential for rain and temps in the 50’s- Australia??????  It was sunny and 100 the day before we got here wtf?  ANyway-  after the race I am going to find me some roos, pack, have dinner and hit the hay cuz we gots a 9 am flight to New Zealand on Monday and a 5 day stage race yet to come.  More later.  D.



  1. Dave!

    Sounds awesome. Finding acceptible coffee? Picking up an accent and some good expressions? I wanted to remind you that you might want to test ride all the stuff at top speed since at least a few events offer hotly contested staff races – I think they fit your physiology well. Exciting to follow all your adventures. Team is riding so well!


    -oh and I often use an 11-25 but not for the MAH-sive sprint but for the compact. Tee hee.

  2. Good luck with the live kangaroo pictures !
    Hope world cup goes well .

    Really looking forward to some of your pictures from New Zealand. have fun.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I have enjoyed reading about your adventures & seeing the pictures. ! How is kangaroo? lookinf forward to more entries.! Felicity

  4. nz had the best coffee! try some gravity, in fact, bring some back!! enjoy

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