Posted by: Double-Dee | February 22, 2008

G’day from Australia


After nearly 26hrs of travel and 3 stages of racing we are alive and well.  Webcor had an awesome showing at it’s first eva tour Geelong.  You can check the results here at   I haven’t been able to update for a few reasons   1. Internet connection is like at 28k (not even kidding about that-  this post has already taken me 10minutes) and   2. time.  Hopefully we will have better access in a few days in New Zealand so that I can upload the photo galleries and share some more of the adventure.

The hits so far…

  • Left hand drive… holy crap
  • Don’t pee in the bushes cuz you can die- a mean ole snake may bite you.
  • Don’t swim in the water cuz you can die- a mean ole stingray or shark will get you (happend in port arlington today to a rugby star)
  • Everything is backwards… everything
  • Do not leave your camera unattended
  • A bag of “pony poo” is only a buck
  • Racers don’t like it when you run over there lunch with the team car
  • Cockatoos are loud and obnoxious and hangout in pairs by the hundreds
  • Webcor girls kick ass
  • Amy Dombroski is an animal
  • Alex Wrubleski puts peanut butter on everything-  no, like rice and stuff
  • Even cheap beer is expensive ($14.00 for a six pack)
  • Eating a whole box of TimTams is ill advised eventhough they taste like magic
  • Bell Helmets work very well
  • I work with some of the best athletes in the world and I love it.


WorldCup the day after tomorrow.  The girls will do very well.  I hope the weather is good-  it has been off and on since we have been here and it has rained each day.  It has not raine during the racing though which is how we like it-   Wish us luck and updates and pics to come soon (i hope)


D. out



  1. Dude, what the hay is “pony poo” ?

    You are missing some good rain here and cold too!

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