Posted by: Double-Dee | February 18, 2008

The tour baby!

So… Not much time to write-  it’s late and I am packing for Australiz/NZ.  I did take pics and will upload them as soon as I can.  Here is a quick rundown of my Tour of CA experience.  This morning while riding to the teams “Service Course” I was stopped by 5 lost Rabobank riders including Oscar Freire himself.  I was the last person they should be asking directions from, but they did make it back to Stanford alive. 


Tyler and his unborn twin- couldn’t race, but they do fit nicely at the Rock Racing Circus 

So here are the quick hits from Palo Alto

  • Saw Super Mario and the Circus known as Rock Racing.  Body Guards (wtf?) Bentley, 2 Escalades, huge tour bus, scantily clad women with tattoos-   Seriously in the cycling world- an absolute freak show of a circus.  I am willing to put money on them totally imploding before the end of May.
  • Tom Boonen-  cuter in person  (it’s a  man crush, nothing serious)
  • I now know why they call Bettini “the cricket”
  • Ran into Paul from the Spoke working at Mavic Neutral support
  • Met Andy Ball, CEO of Webcor and cycling enthusiast
  • Did an interview with a reporter from the San Fransisco Chronicle
  • Found out the world is a small place-  Ben Stafford (who bought a Carrera from me at my former shop) is well known in the Webcor family, and they all know the story of the frame
  • Had the best Chinese food ever!!!  thanks Ted for taking us there-  Awesome food, family style in an old gas station-  (seriously) and again the food was awesome!
  • Did a nice road ride today-  it was great to be on a bike again-


Katherine-  about to show the boys how it’s done

Packing for tomorrows flight-  the race for Olympic glory starts now.. wish us luck!

The next update will be from the otherside of the world-  hopefully it will still read right side up

D. out-



  1. Yo Dave!

    I need to add a link to you on my site. . .no one else seems to cover women’s racing. Your site is the best coverage I’ve seen so far. Keep up the good work and keep blogging baby! We’ll keep the snow around for you. . .


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