Posted by: Double-Dee | February 16, 2008

Girls, Stickers, Sun

Another very nice day here in the Bay Area.  Today the girls that arrived last night came over to pick up there bikes and do a little “shakedown” ride and make some fine tuning adjustments to their bikes- set back, seat height, hood position-  you know  dialing it all in.  Here are a few pics of the girls in their brand spankin new Voler Webcor kits-


ok it wasn’t really like that… although many people think it is.  It is more like this…..


Canadian – Alex Wrubleski


Former Albany New Yorker- Janel Holcomb


USA Cycling legend Katherine Curi-M…


Alex, Janel, Erinne Willock and Katherine

So.  While the girls were ou triding I went and grabbed a bite.  Saw the Gerlosteiner team riding (sans helmets) and then washed the team car and spent the next two hours peeling 2 former sponsor decals off the car.  That sucked, but now it’s done.  When you don’t have a heat gun handy-  a large Halogen work lamp works almost good.  Today was an almost 14 hour work day for me and while I was fine tuning bikes and adjusting SRM’s and pulling large metal objects out off Alex’s tire (I don’t know how she didn’t notice or how the tire held enough air to get back to the house) the girls were sorting out the clothing-  seperating kits for racers, staff, management and sponsors


and then I got to instal the new radio in the car-  that was fun and it works!  had to hard wire the unit to the battery so that there is no interference with the racers radios.  Subaru actullay puts this cool little port above the gas pedal that makes running wires out to the battery, through the firewall, super easy (which is good, cuz otherwise that would have been an all nighter) 

That’s it for now.  The Webcor charity hill climb is tomorrow. 

D. out


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