Posted by: Double-Dee | February 15, 2008

Happy fake holiday created by money hungry capitalist douche bags!

Yo.  Time is ticking away and I am definitely starting to feel the pinch.  The last two days have been long and there is still much to do.  Today I got as much done as possible since the girls are starting to arrive tonight.  Christine Thorburn picked up her bike and two sets race wheels last night. 


 Ready for the World Cup

Today Installed the fresh supply of Pro Issue Fizik saddles and got the bikes as complete as possible until the girls actually put a leg over.  I also had to finish Rebecca Much’s bike and then take it apart and box to ship to SLO.  Tomorrow is the last day to ship it before we head to the other side of the world on Monday.  In addition to getting the equipment tuned and race ready-  The girls are bringing there SRM’s and they will need to be installed.  Spare parts packed and then laundry and any last minute shopping to pick up odds and ends before traveling… did I mention that we are racing on Saturday?  which means that whole day is potentially shot.  I really would like to go to the race-  Webcor is sponsoring it.  It’s a charity event, it’s on a climb that’s in the Tour of California, the Webcor CEO will be there etc… BUT, there is still a ton to do.

Today I bought myself a little treat.  A stainless steel coffee mug/french press.  I think i will put it to good use in the next month.  My trusted Webcor team mate-  Avery May-  will hopefully be bringing me some of the Berkshires finest when she flies out here this weekend.  CA coffee just isn’t that good.  Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes and your coffee stinks!  While getting coffee this morning ,I parked between two cars that cost more than the house I live in.  Not both combined, each!!  I have seen more Porsche’s, Maseratti’s, Ferrari’s, Hummers, Aston’s, BMW’s and SLK’s than I care to shake a stick at.  I know I am in Silicon Valley and all but shit man, there is a Ferrari dealership just down the road from here and it is amazing.  All glass,  cars inside, nothing outside (except a big ass Ferrari sign.)  They probably have a credit check to get in the door.  No riff-raff allowed, eh?   Speaking of riff-raff, this  furry thing is Worf.  worf.jpg

Mr. Worf

Worf is the laziest cat I have ever seen.  He lies in the sun all day, and will actually follow it from the hall to the livingroom during the course of the day-  and as far as I can tell-  this is all he does besides eating.  He is very funny and quite playful….. the extent that a cat that doesn’t like to move will roll around on his back and occaisionally bat at you (for 2 or 3 seconds)  he is very funny.  Worf is Karen’s cat.  Karen is the Webcor Director Sportif, and for those of you not in the know-  one of the fastest female cyclist in the history of USA cycling.  She is a former Olympian and did I mention?  the 1994 World Time Trial Champion.  She knows bike racing and it is an honor to work for her. 

Linear notes from California:

Overheard:  Can I get a venti, extra hot, dry, half-caff, mocha cappucino with an extra shot -double cupped .  The name is todd.

Quote of the day: 

  • K>Not those wheels, Those are for special days only.
  • D> Well it’s the World Cup
  • K> Nah, these wheels are for our riders when they go to the Olympics and the World Championships later this season.
  • D> Right on.

The wheels in question:  Easton EC90SLX (low profile , Ultralight-1000g per pair, tubulars) for Special Days indeed


Heavy D.  (that’s me)  I had to post this pic because my nose looks 10 times longer than  it actually is-  weird, eh?



  1. Are you turning french? He he!

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