Posted by: Double-Dee | February 12, 2008

Don’t be a dick. Recycle.


Recyclable:  I have never really given too much thought as to the amount of waste that is created from packaging until yesterday.  When building a bike from frame-  each individual component is packaged and some things are packaged within packages-  unbeleivable.  I actually found it infuriating-  what’s the purpose of wrapping a crank arm in plastic and then putting it into a plastic bag and then putting it inside a package to be shipped inside another box-  Today was recycling day so yestreday i did my best to seperate-  metal, cardboard, plastic, paper and mixed materials.  It took me over an hour, but when I was done I felt good, until I started thinking about all of the paper, plastic and cardboard that is thrown out and NOT recycled at the shop I work at back home and i started to feel sick.  There will be changes there!!  Anyway… those two bags next to my tools contain the paper and plastic from ONE BIKE! and that does not include the foam from around the frame or any packaging from tires, tubes, and wheels.  Effin’ crazy!.  I shall put away my soap box…… for now 


Smmooooth….  Dura Ace cups with Ceramic bearings.  Time consuming and a test of patience to swap the bearing for 14 bikes but damn are they nice


Yellow Swiss Stop.  I recommend these for everyone.  Ignore the fact they cost $65 per bike and buy them.  They are worth it.


The 90% done pile.  I still need to install the Fizike saddles, adjust height, cut forks and give them another once over.  After I finish building the other bikes of course.  Then it’s on to training and race wheel setups-  the fun never stops!  In case your wondering.  The bike with the red hoods is for Gina Grain,  the current Canadian National Champion.



  1. Where’s a picture of you? I’d like to see your face & your developing tan!
    Love, Celeste

  2. don’t forget to recycle that coffee cup

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