Posted by: Double-Dee | February 8, 2008


I arrived in CA late Wed. Night after a very bumpy ride.  Here are some things I have learned on my trip so far.

  1. Fat is the latest fashion accessory
  2. Fried pickles are good
  3. Hushpuppies are good
  4. The Airport in Charlotte NC has a NASCAR store, Rocking Chairs and a real down home BBQ place
  5. Cool Weather in CA is warm by Northeast standards
  6. A World Championship jersey looks really good when it’s hanging on a wall in someones house
  7. Reaffirmed:  Mexican food is way better on the west coast

pictures and such to come soon.  I can’t find the stupid cable at the moment.  I will save the bike chatter until i upload some pics.



  1. oh man, I know those fried pickles at the food court in the Charlotte airport. Cambridge Commons in Boston makes an ever better fried pickle, and they have a sweet brew selection to boot

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