Posted by: Double-Dee | February 4, 2008

Just like the Super Bowl- Crazy things can happen in the last 30 seconds…

I was all set with the idea of flying to SFO this Wed. and building bikes, hitting some smaller CA races and then heading to New Zealand… I pretty much wrote off Australia-  But…….  Within seconds of the end of the Superbowl I received my updated schedule.  Looks like on the 18th we WILL be going to Australia!!!!!! So.  No more Santa Rosa Crit-  Hello Geelong Tour and World Cup.  Thank You UCI, Thank You Australia. 

So only two more nights in the city of Pitty and it’s off to the Bay Area.  It lloks like I couldn’t ask for better timing either ATMO.  It looks like the weather has finally broken and fellow New Englanders-  Amy Wallace and Allie Kenzer are also enjoying some training time in SLO.  They have been keeping a blog of their adventures and they have stated that the weather has turned for the better……  I can’t wait!



  1. Taco flavored kisses

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