Posted by: Double-Dee | January 25, 2008

New Blue Stuff!!!

I will be heading to California in two weeks to build bikes for the team-  and arriving just in time… some new bits from the boys at Park Tools.  The new Park Team workstand looks a little funky but it should prove to be the best new tool in my arsenal.  It folds up small (not much bigger than a floor pump with twice the footprint) and it is light 13.5 lbs. which is key with the amount of travel that is in store for me this season.  The new PRS21 is going to be perfect for building Carbon bikes for small riders and not to mention the Orbea tt bikes-   the bike sits on a BB cradle and either the front fork or rear drop gets attached to the stand via a quick release-  no raising and lowering seatposts, which is an all too common occurence when working with a women’s team.  Many of the frames are small with very little of seat pin exposed.  The other new toy from the boys in Blue is the professional floor pump-  it looks sweet and seems to work quite nicely.  This thing will see some shit traveling, caravan duty etc..  Time will tell how well it holds up.  The last pump I used in Europe sucked so bad I left it there!  it’s twin was “accidently” left in California.  The former director of ECC insisted that they were good pumps ($25 pumps from Performance-  they suck)  I wound up borrowing pumps alot in Europe.  This Park will replace my tried and true Silca which was unable to accompany me on my journeys last year-  Anyway here are some pics of the new stuff.


My new PRS21


 Suprisingly stable with the Zanc aboard


Rogue Mocha Porter-  Damn good stuff


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