Posted by: Double-Dee | May 31, 2007

Back in the USA

Yo.  I am back and I am wrecked.  Here are a few teaser  pics from Tour De L’Aude Feminin.  The photo gallery is coming soon.


THE FAN..  this guy was a big fan of the team and showed up at several stages


Me and Cyclo-Cross legend Daphny Van Der Brandt in the Pyrenees (she’s little)


This is a small part of the Col de la Llose a long Hors Category climb-  the second one of this stage-  BRUTAL


A little exchange of words in the caravan….  This is another “Dave”  Canadian mechanic for the Belgium based Global racing team.  They are the other “newbies” in the European Peleton and were alot of fun to joke around with.


In Stage 9 there were only 11 seconds seperating the leaders…. the attacks came heavy and hard straight from the gun and after only 25km the field was shattered.  Marina  (in black) was one of many front runners that did everything they could to try and hang on… to no avail.  this picture was taken out the back window of our team car-  we were 15th in the caravan and there were many, many riders behind these.


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