Posted by: Double-Dee | May 26, 2007

Yo… Cafe Au Lait Avec deux sucre, sil vous plait


Hey, Still in Limoux. Pretty Laidback day.  Girls went out and preveiwed the final stage “Limoux a Limoux”  A 68k, hilly sorta rolling course.  Got Erinn out on the T.T. bike today for the first time.  This is her first official race since her knee injury back in Feb.(?)  We spent some time making sure the setback was perfect along with the seat height so there would be no issues.  20 minutes on the bike and the thumbs up.  Tomorrow we are going to do the team time trial course in a mock TT since Joelle and Amanda have not raced a team TT before.  We will follow in the car and make sure everything goes well.  The team presenation Gala where they introduce all the riders and such on the 17th.  Racing starts with a 3.9km Prologue TT the next day.  We will be moving to the race hotel which is on the coast (bummer)  We will be there for 3 or 4 days of racing then into the Mountains. Joelle was crapping her pants today when she found out that there are two climbs coming up into the pyrenees-  one is 25km the second 29km.  we calmed her by saying they were more of a “false flat and gradual undulations”  she fell for it.  I am sure she will do fine.  One thing Joelle is good at is suffering!  this will be right up her alley.



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