Posted by: Double-Dee | May 26, 2007

Holy Crap Balls!!!

OK-  I have been in a technology hole for who knows hoe long.  First the med, Then Bram, Then the Pyrenees and now Bram again.. We lost WIFI in Limoux while I was typing the last update.  We got access today-  after stage 9!!!!!  in Bram.  I will have to update later as far as race info… amazing!!!!  racing in Europe is nothing like the states. I have serviced a bunch of punctures and done 2 out the window, yelled at by the commissare, fined by the UCI, Official-  enrout fixes uncluding one involving cutting a computer transmitter off a fork after it fell to the bottom of the blade at 40km and hour-  I popped my cherry in France in a big big way and have been accpeted into the ranks of the best mechanics in the world.  Ah…Europe.  I have taken 300 pics and today I forgot my camera as we had 2 back to back stages… one with 2 GPM 1 climbs and the Second wiht a Hors Category… talk about steep.  The races went through these gorges that were amazing… I have never seen anything quite like it.  We saw the Frank Schleck  loading his bike into the CSC team van near the end of the stage the Tour D’ France will be using part of this route this year….  Hard!!!. Tomorrow will be excitinf for everyone except us.  The top riders are seperated by seconds and the Yellow Jersey exchanged owners today.  We.. on the other hand… Lost three riders and are now down to 2.  @ because of illness and one due to the torture of 9 days of europeen racing even our DS and Swany are sick!!  I am next.  It is hard not too be pulling 18 hour days.  I fell asleep with a 3 way in my hand fully clothed the other night while working on bikes in my Hotel room.  F’N a peter, F’N a.  Time to work…. it rained again today.  Need to wash all the bikes, spare wheels the car and the van before bed.  Only one more stage.  Au revoir!


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