Posted by: Double-Dee | May 14, 2007

No, J’suis un mechanique de bicyclette de Velos

My french still stinks.Today- rain, rain and more rain.  Slept 12 hours and still tired.  Need to go the bike shop for a new Plateau Grande (big chainring) and..J’ai besoin de embout (i need cable ends)  Might have to walk to town in the pouring rain-  not to psyched about that.  Not sure what the rest of the day will bring I have been watching the French Version of American Idol  “Le saga de Noveau Idol”  it’s worse than the american version.  

Things I have learned in the past 24 hours.

1.  American’s are fat

2.  A large here is our small

3. The Belgians really do hate the dutch

4.  Rugby fans are crazier than soccer fans.  (NZ won last night and there were people going up and down the road in cars signing and blaring horns while wearing NZ jerseys-  lots of cars too…like a whole bars worth of people)

5. French comedy is not funny at all…

Erinn should be coming into the Hotel any minute and it’s back to work getting her bikes set up.  Hopefully the rain will break and the girls can ride in sunshine today..

Au revoir.



  1. The real question remains, do the French really hate Americans as much as we think they do or is it all in the paranoid imaginations of the American public? Hope the rain does not continue. Let me know if the team needs a social worker, I’m on-call!!!

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