Posted by: Double-Dee | May 11, 2007

Here we go again…..


Tomorrow it’s Montreal.  Jeff and I are meeting up in a parking lot next to the airport to box up all the gear and get it ready for our 8pm flight to Paris.  The on to Tolouse where we meet up with the girls and prepare for the Tour de L’ Aude.  oH yeah, We are a man short too.  Director Sportif Scott Gerrie has had some stuff come up and can’t make the trip!!! so it’s now me and Jeff to run the show in Europe!!??!!.  Since Jeff is taking over as D.S. we had to get a Swany to take over his duties.  We will be pickin’ that cat up along the way-  I think in Carsaconne, France.  Anyway-  gotta go to bed.  Hopefully I have packed all my tools.  I will know when they weigh my C.H. Ellis ballistic box at the airport-  if it doesn’t weigh 44lbs.  I will know that I forgot something and it will haunt me all they to Europe.  Jesus- I hope it’s all there…..  Au revoir


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