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New Beginings at the end of 2010

With the close of the 2010 domestic season-  I will be back at it CAMERA IN HAND for the remaining Euro season through the World Championships.  I have signed a 2 month contract and will be wrenching for the Canadian National Team based in Belgium for the months of August and September and then it is off to the land down under for Road Worlds.  There will be many updates and lots of pictures, so stay faithful.  The best is yet to come.  Next post will be from the Canadian Team House in Belgium.  I gotta lot to do in the next few days.  Until then….  Keep it lubed!

Posted by: Double-Dee | July 30, 2010

Racing and not writing

I apologize for the lack of info being spewed into the blogosphere….  months of being on the road has taken it’s toll.  National championships came and went and in the USA Amber Neben gained a 2nd place poium spot in the TT  while in Canada Joelle Numainville came away with the Caunk version of the stars and bars and Andrea Graus won the Austrian National title.

After Nationals it was one week off then back to Bend OR for the Cascade Cycling Classic.  We had a bit of bad luck on stage 3 when Erinne and Katheryn went down in a huge crash.  Katheryn was out for the rest of the race and Erinne took a bike change and finished in good position on the day.

The race was a blur-  long nights and early mornings and a complete lack of photos from yours truly.  Webcor came away with a podium spot-  Erinne 3rd on GC in the end.

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Drive, prep, race. Drive, prep, race- repeat as needed….

So, since the last post we have done lots of racing

TD Bank Liberty Classic in Philadelphia , PA

UCI races in Gatineau, Canada

Nature Valley Grand Prix, Twin Cities, MN

and now I am at the USA National Road Race Championships in Bend, OR.  There are stories to tell but it will have to wait until after Nationals.  The Interwebs have been elusive and time has been short.

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No Racing? What cha doin?

A lot of people wonder what I do when I am on the road and races like Montreal get canceled and I suddenly have time to kill.  Here is what I am ACTUALLY doing to past the time stranded on the East Coast….

Dodging flying boats on the highway…

Drinking beer and shooting at tiny plastic Nuns….

Trying out for new reality TV shows like… The Alpaca Whisperer

I also enjoy Alpaca Wreslin’…….

Whackin’ the crap outta some balls….

Some chippin’

Some rippin’

Wishing I was as cool as my friend Muck,  as seen above, doing beer sponsor Ninkasi proud.

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Ar- Kansas: Better than regular Kansas.

At the Conclusion of Tour of the Gila.  We loaded up the kids and headed to the great state of Arkansas for the Joe Martin stage race.  The drive was as to be expected- 14 total hours of shenanigans.  After the airport drop in ABQ Jeremy, myself, Ange, Amy D., Erinne, Katheryn and Andrea put the hammer down and beat feet east.

As we approached Texas things got serious.  At stake: the State line sprint.  Ina has the power but the Team Car has the top end-  the Sprinter is limited by an electronic governor that limits top speed to 120kmh.  Superior  tactics would be needed if we were going to get the win.  Amy D. was my co-pilot and we had a plan.  A few K from the line we needed fuel so we pulled off refueled both vehicles and headed off – less than 5km to the line it seemed as though Jeremy hadn’t realized what was coming up  I did my best to make sure there was little room for him to come around-  between traffic and my lane choice.  With 2km to go he came around us at full steam crossing over the shoulder line.   We had been jumped!  fearing the loss we switched to plan B and faked a mechanical. With 1.5km to go I hit the flashers and rolled to the side of the road-  still moving, waiting for Jeremy to stop.  We were about 100m behind him when stopped.  I opened the drivers side like I was going to get out of the Sprinter and then….  I put the pedal to the floor!!  The Team Car can not match the power and acceleration of the Sprinter and when we went by him we were already hauling ass.  I thought we would have enough of a gap to make it to the line by the time the team car got up to speed-  not so  Jeremy was coming quick so I hogged the lanes not willing to let it go.  We battled it out testing each others nerve and driving skill.  Jeremy had speed on his side though-  and he started to straddle the breakdown lane and come by…  I wasn’t having it- but after seeing Erinne’s facial expression in the passenger seat of the Team Car… I seceded.  Texas would go to Fliss, but not without the most awesome of stateline races!  The other two statelines were not contested.

Strange things happen to us at Joe Martin and 2010 did not disappoint.  2 bike changes, 2 wheel changes, rider with no shoes before the TT.  Spokes got ripped out of a front wheel by another riders rear mech (no crash though) A new left shifter exploded for no known reason-  It was weird….  We had good results and KCM came away in the end with Podium.  Want to see some pictures?

A rare shot by Casey Gibson. Guess which one is me.

Host house provided licking alarm clock- Princess Pee-Pee Pants.

Jeremy re-fueling with a 2x caffeine Power Bar Gel.

First order of business in Arkansas- clean everything.  Bikes, equipment, interior and exterior of the vehicles.  Gila put sand and grit everywhere.  INA was super fresh for the airport run to pick up a returning from injury Lindsay and guest Director Laura Charmeda.

Uphill TT Warmup.

What? yer bike is too light?  Here…. hold mah beer..I ama try sumpin.   That’ll do er.  knew that ratchet come in handy.

Seriously? WTF?  on the stem!?

Can you spot the smart ass?

Back to the roots…

Safety never takes a holiday…

Post race tanning.

That is a Burrito, and yes I ate it all.  In less than 15 minutes.  It was gooooooooood.

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SRAM Tour of the Gila and the return of the mighty midget

After Roadrunner and a day of touristy fun I loaded up the kids and drove the 180 miles to Silver City NM for the SRAM Tour of the Gila.  Jeremy was on his way too, driving the team car from California to Tucson AZ to pick up the Grand Kareno and the rest of the girls.  Tucked into a tiny box in the corner of the trunk was the mighty midget herself-  Amy Dombrosk.  Little D. was making a guest riding appearance with the team along with Webcor bridge team rider Ange McCllure.    Gila is mostly a blur now-  I remember insane wind, Erinne getting 2nd in the TT, snow on the final stage and retardedly cold temperatures for the flippin’ desert.  Anyway, on with the show!

Artsy shot of INA while looking for Rattlesnakes at a Pee stop in the Black Range.

The Team Car with our super sweet new THULE roofrack  ready for stage 1 with the spare SRAM and Ritchey equipped Teschner SL9’s

Luna MTB hot shoe Amy D.  It was good to have the DLB back in the pack for a little Webcor reunion.

You know it’s cold when the Canadians are wearing everything they own.

I was bonking in the team car and luckily I was able to flag down Kristen Armstrong in the caravan and Tim B. (my brother from another mother) hooked me up with a peanut butter hand up.

Erinne loves her new Teschner Aero 703 TT bike and proved it with an awesome 2nd place finish in the Time Trial.

My view out the back window of the team car.  Those are spare Ritchey Super Logic Carbon Clinchers ready for wheel swappin’ action.

Gila was windy.  Really, really windy.  I saw riders get spun around, blown over and mentally destroyed by the insane wind,but none of the pictures I took really showed the severity- except this one.  It was reported that the sustained winds were 30-40mph and the gusts were in excess of 85mph!!!!  The biggest winds came as a headwind on the final climb by the Copper Mine heading back into Silver City.  Riders were, at times, stopped in their tracks by the wind and we saw many Masters men walking their bikes up parts of that final climb.

Erinne chasing back to the group after a nature break.

Pinos Altos.

Joelle, Erinne, Ange and Andrea at the team host house in Silver City.

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Team Tourist Day…

After Roadrunner  Andrea and I took Erinne, Ange and a grumpy KCM on a whirl wind tour of  Albuquerque.  Here is what we saw..

Hell Yeah!  The Rattlesnake Museum.

One of the many LIVE snakes waiting to try and bite you.  While I was taking pictures of all the different types of snakes.  The girls were….

Watching Hi-Def   TURTLE  PORN.  I watched for a little bit, but thought the plot was lacking, so I went and bought the coolest Rattlesnake mug on the face of the planet!!!!

After a day of turtle porn, snakes, trying on cowboy hats, ice cream, some seriously annoying diva whining- it was time for fancy drinks on the terrace.  This is little Schwarzenager with her fancy pink drink.  She looks like she is at a polo match.  Andrea was an awesome tour guide-  even more amazing because she is from Austria and has never been to the USA prior to this. Yay literacy!!

I got this cactus holder for my Grandma’s birthday.  I think she will like it, but the girls thought differently…

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The Windy Puncture Fest That Was The Roadrunner Classic.

The Roadrunner Classsic is a new race on the calender that falls one week prior to the start of the SRAM Tour of The Gila.  We arrived a few days in advance of the race to get acclimated and to give the girls a chance to ride some more new equipment prior to race day.  We spent a few hours out on the TT course trying various wheel combinations in the very windy conditions and dialing in their TT positions.

Roadrunner is an Omnium with a TT and a Circuit Race on the same day.  The courses are run on the same out and back loop.  a 6.3 mile out and back with just over 400 feet of climbing per lap.   The temps were cold and the wind was strong.  The TT faired quite well because it was run very early in the morning before the winds really started to kick up.  Katheryn had a good ride as did Erinne and Andrea.  We survived the TT with no punctures.  We did however have 3 punctures between the TT and the Circuit Race.  Between races we had a quick meeting and discussed tactics and conditions for the upcoming Circuit Race (I Directed the Team at this race) and then we waited, and waited and waited some more and then the winds really picked up.  At the start of the circuit race the winds were blowing at a steady 30-40mph and it was a tailwind in one direction and brutal headwind the other.  The problem with the wind was not it’s strength- but the fact that it was blowing dried Goat Heads all over the roads.  Punctures were the order of the day.  The team races on Maxxis 23c Radials which are an awesome tire.  They roll well, corner well and have good puncture protection.  We faired better than many of the other teams- but there is not much you can do about a road covered with hundreds of  sharp fang like thorns that are incredibly hard and easily puncture the toughest of tires.  We suffered 3 punctures during the race yet we managed to come away with very good results.

The Roadrunner was an excellent first attempt at a Pro event.  Charlie did his best to put on a class act race.  Hopefully it will continue and become bigger.  The timing and location are perfect for a racing double bill with Gila.

No pics from Roadrunner.  My apologies, I was very busy being a one man show…..

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On The Road Again…..

As April drew to a close it was time for me to load INA to the hilt and put the pedal to the devil.  It is a 1,400 mile journey from my home in the Pacific Northwest to Albquerque NM.  I planned on hitting some trails in Moab and still making the trip in two days.  Day One:  I was underway at 8:30am.  I rolled into the Super 8 in Moab at 1:15am just over 1,000 miles down.  The plan was to get some sleep and hit the first Porcupine rim shuttle in the morning and then throw the MTB in the backseat of INA and roll the last 400 miles to Albuquerque in time to pick up riders at the airport later that day.  When I rolled into Moab- it was a mix of snow and rain. So the thought of waking up at the ass crack to ride in less than ideal conditons, in the cold, was daunting to say the least.  Lucky for me Iwas so jacked on Caffeine that I did not fall asleep until 4:45am.  Waking up at 9 and feeling like shit-  the days plan was done before it even started.   The best I could hope for was a  leisurely breakfast in Moab and an even paced drive to NM.  I had a cup of the best coffee Moab had to offer (not a compliment) and it was back on the road.  I rolled into the Airport in ABQ 30 minutes before the riders flight arrived.  It was probably a good thing that my ride was bagged becausee the speed limits fluctuated from 35, 45 to 65mph.  Each time the speed limit fell below 45mph there was a Sheriff or State Trooper.  It was a very long 400 mile pull.

I rolled in ABQ and had a nap in the cellphone waiting area.  Katheryn, Erinne and Adrea would be joining me soon for the Roadrunner Classic-  where I would be Director, Mechanic and Soigneur for the ITT and Circuit Race..

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Redlands Bicycle Classic

The kick off to the season for the girls in green was the Redlands Bicycle Classic in So Cal.  Redlands is one of the biggest races in the  US of A and it covers all of the major disiplines of modern road racing.  There is a prolouge uphill time trial, a road race, a criterium and a circuit race.  All of the big teams come out and it is quite the event.  Redlands is one of my favorite races on the NRC calendar.

For the girls in green Redlands was the first race of the season as a complete team.  Webcor has five new riders this year so it was the first chance for everyone to blow out the cobwebs and see who has what.  The race itself was pretty uneventful for us.  Mechanical and puncture free but with the ban on team radios, in all but UCI events,  the road race was a bit chaotic.  Race radio kept calling us up for service and each time they did my blood pressure would go through the roof.   I was jacked and ready to go-  one hand on the door handle, the other gripping wheels, ready to fly into action only to find out that a rider was dropping back to give up a gillette or ask for a feed.    The one  real service call  I got was a shitty one.  Lindsay was involved in a crash that resulted in a fractured fibula for her and a bruised tail bone for me.  I ate shit pretty hard and in trying to save the new Ritchey Carbon wheels I put my hands above my head when I slipped on the ball bearing like stones that covered the pavement,  landing square on me ass pad-  no fun for Lindsay or me.    Anyway, Joelle came away with a podium finish taking 3rd in the Road race.  She came in fourth in the Crit the next day and catapulted herself from 40th to 11th on GC.  KCM held her spot in 9th from the prolouge to the finish.  Enough of the chit chat-  on to the picture show!

New season= new sponsors. The new Ritchey Super Logic Carbon Clinchers and Maxxis Radial 23c  Awesome combination that gave me a worry free weekend.  Light, dependable,  solid performers.  The girls love em and so do I!!!

Joelle had a great race and awesome debut with the team!
KCM gets a call up at the Crit.
There were two middle fingers flying as I snapped this.  Not mine.  I am a consumate professional and was only sticking out my tongue.  Lucky for Muck my camera sucks.
With the ban on race radios at NRC events, mechanics have to get creative.  My brother from another mother, Tim B. of Peanut Butter and Company demonstrates the latest in staff to rider communication.

Is nothing sacred?  Good work though-  even looks similar to my own hand writing.

Assess, Improvise, Overcome.  My trusty bike rack gave up the ghost on stage two but was ressurected with the help of 8 zip ties and held up to the weight of 8 bikes for the remainder of the race.

With all due respect Garmin….. WTF?  After getting up at 4:30am to load the truck and get riders to the airport at 5:30 it was time to drive back to the bay area.  Somewhere alon I5 the Garmin decided to send me on this narrow ass twisty road, barely wide enough for a small car.  I was driving a fully loaded down Sprinter with a 158″ wheelbase.  This road went on for 85 miles.  I did manage to maintain a fairly quick pace, the Sprinter handles like a champ, but Jesus Christ!  WTF is up with that?  Did someone write virus and upload it so that GPS units will choose the most random, crappy road it can?
Anyway, that’s all for now.  The season is in full swing.  More to come.  Thanks for reading.

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